Factors When Choosing A Medical Device Testing Company


Medical devices should go through a thorough testing process to make sure they do what they are supposed to. Not only is testing part of the approval process, but it can help to fine-tune a design and improve the function of a device. Finding the right testing company can make all the difference in finding the right results to ensure that a medical device works exactly the way that it is supposed to.    

Independent Research Company

A testing company that is associated with a company that develops medical devices or with a university that researches and build devices might have a vested interest in finding that a device works. After all, once a piece of equipment has reached the testing stage, thousands, if not millions of dollars, will have already gone into its development. The pressure to find that a device works might motivate testers to find in favor of the product just to keep the people that hold the purse strings happy. Thus, as a company developing a new product, you want to make sure that you go to an independent testing center with a solid reputation so that you get the most reliable and credible results.   

Synthesizing the Conditions Inside the Body

The conditions in the lab need to be as close as possible to the conditions in the body to make sure that the test yields accurate results. Certain companies might specialize in testing certain equipment. For example, a company that tests hip, knee, and other joint replacements might not be the right company to talk to about testing a pacemaker. Double check with a testing company to make sure they have experience testing the kind of equipment you have prepared. 

Silicone Mock Vessels

One way to test instruments that are meant for use in the lungs, the heart, or other organs of the body that have a lot of tubes need to be tested in tubes that mimic the body's channels. One way to do this is to use silicon testing vessels. These vessels can be designed in ways that mimic the body's natural vessels, cavities, and crevices.

Testing a new medical device is important because it is one of the last steps before taking a new device to market, and it is also the last step to make sure that a device is safe for use in humans. Thus, it is critical to find a reputable, independent, experienced testing company (such as Nelson Laboratories) to run the tests for you.  


16 December 2015

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