A Few Things You Should Know About Replacing The Wheels On A Wheelchair


When you use a wheelchair on a daily basis, there will come a time when the wheels on the chair will need to be replaced. Most people do not know the first thing about how to tell if the wheels are ready to be replaced and how to choose the right wheels for their particular needs. The guide below walks you through a few things to know about replacing the wheels on your wheelchair.

Determine if the Wheels Need to be Replaced

The first thing you need to do is determine if the wheels on your wheelchair need to be replaced. Look closely at the tread of the wheels. If it is worn or the wheels feel very smooth to the touch, the wheels need to be replaced. Push the wheels to see if they can be pushed toward the frame of the wheel or if they do not have any give. If the wheels can be pushed to the frames with ease, air needs to be added to the tires. If you add air and you can push the tire to the frame again the next day, there is a leak somewhere, and you may need to get new wheels for the wheelchair.

Consider the Size of the Wheels You Want for Your Wheelchair

You need to determine how large of wheels you need for your wheelchair. If you are using the wheels that came standard on the wheelchair, you will be happy to know that the wheels are actually available in many sizes. Choosing a smaller or a larger wheel may make maneuvering the chair a bit easier for you if you operate it by hand. Go to a handicap supply shop and ask about the different wheels they have available. This will allow you to determine if moving to a larger or smaller size wheel may be a great option for you.

Consider the Tread of the Wheel

If you are someone who enjoys being outside a lot, you may want to choose a wheel with a thicker tire tread. The tread will allow the chair to grip the ground better when outdoors and allow you to maneuver over things you may not have been able to maneuver over on traditional wheelchair wheels.

It is important to have a professional mount the new wheels on your wheelchair to ensure that they are mounted properly. You need them to be able to roll evenly and need to be sure that the brakes are mounted on the chair properly so that you can stop when you need to stop.


14 September 2016

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