What To Look For When Selecting A Power Wheelchair


Are you in need of a power wheelchair for a short amount of time, and need to rent one? If so, you may want to know what features to look for in a power wheelchair. 

Joystick Operation

It is common for the power wheelchair to work with a joystick that is attached to an armrest. Those armrests should also have the ability to go up or down to get out of the way. However, all joysticks are not made the same way. One feature that you want to look out for is a speed control dial, which allows you to control how fast the wheelchair moves when you press on the joystick. There are also joysticks that control how fast you move based on how far you press on the joystick, but that could be harder to use for first-time use.

Leg Rests 

You should take a look at the leg rests on the wheelchair to see if they elevate and flip upward. You want to be able to elevate the footrest so that your feet have a solid foundation while you are using the wheelchair. If the footrest is too low to the ground and cannot be adjusted, your feet are going to dangle and feel uncomfortable 

Backrest Reclining

The backrest should also have adjustments so that you can change the angle for reclining. This not only makes it more comfortable for sitting in the wheelchair where you want to lay back a bit but also allows you to fold the backrest forward for transporting your wheelchair. This lowers the overall height of the chair and makes it easier to fit into a vehicle. Some wheelchairs also have the ability to remove the seat for easy transport.

Freewheel Mode

If you run into a situation where your battery runs out while using the wheelchair, some wheelchairs will not move at all because the motor isn't able to push the chair forward. You'll want to make sure that the wheelchair has freewheel mode, which disengages the wheels from the motor and allows people to manually push the wheelchair. 

Rotation And Height Controls

High-end power wheelchairs are going to have features that low-end models do not have. One feature includes the ability to rotate the chair while keeping the base stationary. The other feature is height control, where you can raise the height of the seat to get a better view of the people in front of you. 

Look for power wheelchair retail locations near you to learn more. 


6 September 2022

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