Factors When Choosing A Medical Device Testing Company


Medical devices should go through a thorough testing process to make sure they do what they are supposed to. Not only is testing part of the approval process, but it can help to fine-tune a design and improve the function of a device. Finding the right testing company can make all the difference in finding the right results to ensure that a medical device works exactly the way that it is supposed to.

16 December 2015

Making The Bed For The Bed Ridden Patient: 3 Mattress Types To Prevent And Treat Bed Sores


When bed sores develop on a bed-ridden patient, it can be heartbreaking for the patient and the caregivers. For this reason, research is ongoing to determine the precise medical strategies that will prevent these ugly and debilitating sores, also known as pressure ulcers. One tool in the bed sore arsenal that may help some patients is a specialized mattress. Here's what you need to know about bed sores and the 3 types of mattresses that are being used to prevent them.

14 December 2015

Do You Wake Up Tired And Cranky? Try These Options


If you wake up feeling more tired than when you went to sleep and you don't want to go on any type of sleeping medication, there are some alternative options you can try so you can get a natural slumber. You don't want to end up addicted to sleeping medication, and you don't have to. Talk with your medical professional about the following things to start getting a better night's rest, and they may have some other natural sleep improvement options for you to try.

23 November 2015

Benefits Of An Enclosed Wheelchair Lift


Although a wheelchair ramp can be a handy investment for anyone who is in a wheelchair, a wheelchair lift can be an even better choice. For someone who is wheelchair-bound, a wheelchair lift is a great choice for getting up and down the stairs in a safe and efficient manner. Wheelchair lifts use electrical energy or hydraulics as a way of lifting the wheelchair vertically. There are various types of wheelchair lifts available for both indoor and outdoor applications, such as a stage model or shaftway model.

13 November 2015